Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

Good morning, guys and gals! Hope everybody is having a great week and staying cool! I can't believe this is the last week in July! I love taking a break out of our busy days and remembering the little things that I'm loving - if you want to link up, jump over {here}! Also, in case you don't make it to the end of this post, please click over on the "Join this site" and become a follower - I have been working on an awesome giveaway once I hit 50 followers! You will be SO glad to joined, I promise!

I'm loving taking pictures of flowers - I am not sure what it is about flowers, but I just love it. And I feel somewhat creative and nature-y when I do! :)
I'm loving these two folks, as always! Also, I'm loving this Elmo laptop I got Katie at a consignment sale last week - the best $5 I've spent! She was sitting next to Brad and they were both on their laptops. Hilarious.

I'm loving consignment sales! It is definitely that time of the year - shopping for fall and winter! I've gone to two so far and plan to go to at least 2 or 3 more. I just love it. I love finding cute outfits for next to nothing. I also love finding pre-loved toys that are in great shape to save to give Katie for Christmas!

I'm loving these strips I put on Katie's little table! She loves doing the alphabet. And she recognizes all the colors (and shapes)! I can't believe how quickly she picks things up!

I'm loving these hand towels!! I bought the blank white ones and gave them to a friend to monogram/applique! I had bought a couple of bags of scrap fabric and pulled some fabrics from there. And I LOVE how they turned out!

This one is hanging in our half bath downstairs:

And I think this one is my favorite!!...

I'm loving this sock puppet that Katie made at the Christmas in July event! She did have some help, but it turned out so cute!

I'm loving this Viva Beads keychain! It is perfect to slip on my wrist when I am getting Katie in and out of the car - and to help me find my keys in my purse!

I'm loving the keyrack that Brad put up by the door to the garage! We are going to put a fun frame with a chalkboard in it next to here - can't wait to do that little project!

I'm loving that I am slowly but surely getting close to 50 followers! I have been working on a giveaway to do when I reach that milestone, and I PROMISE you will love it! So, be sure to click on the button on the right hand side that says "Join this site" - you'll be so glad you did!


  1. we have a key holder by our garage door also...i seriously couldn't imagine not having it! it is the best!

  2. Love those hand towels! Happy Wednesday!

  3. I love the key chain and the hand towels are super cute!! Have a great Wednesday!

  4. I found the video to curl hair without heat here:

    The squash was super easy! Just slice it up, dunk it in a milk/egg mixture, throw the coated squash into a ziploc with flour in it, shake it up so that the squash is coated and then fry it in a skillet of oil. I always guesstimate the milk/egg mixture. I use a regular bowl and fill it about halfway with the milk and then beat the egg into it with a fork. Sometimes I use 2 eggs if I think it isn't slimy enough. :)

  5. Such a fun post and I love that key chain!

  6. love the elmo laptop! so cute! Stopping over from the link-up :)

    {I'm hosting a giveaway that ends Friday & would love to see you there!}

  7. Cute blog! Love the towels and the key chain!!!

  8. Taking pictures of flowers is just SO MUCH FUN! And, I love the key holder too! Sometimes, it's the little things :)