Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday to you! It seems I am loving lots this week :) I have actually started a list of things to include so I don't forget! If you want to link up, visit {this blog}.

I'm loving that Katie WENT PEE PEE ON HER POTTY LAST NIGHT!! Without me asking her to! I just sat her down on there, as usual, before bathtime, and she went! She got so excited and loved being able to pick out her "potty treats" from the jar I made. Hoping that is a continuing trend!

I'm loving that I put Katie's hair into a ponytail last night. I used one of those bows with a rubberband attached and it was absolutely the cutest. Here are some pics from the side and front.

I'm loving that I took the pictures off her French Memo Board and put all of her bows on it! Of course I left Elmo, because she has to give him a kiss every night before bedtime. :)

I'm loving the kisses this little one blows at night. Melts my heart :)

I'm loving crepe myrtles - and especially their blooms. I love that they bloom when everything else is drying out during the summer. I also love that this picture has Sadie and Katie in the background!

I'm loving the cubbies we had built for our laundry room! It really is turning into a cute mudroom that I've always wanted!

I'm loving this floor cleaner I bought at Whole Foods. I put it into a spray bottle, just spray it on the floor, and mop it up. And it smells so good! And it is safe!!

I'm loving my vitamins. I know, weird, right?? Well they are gummy and delicious. And they are calcium and vitamin D!

I'm loving Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Body Butter. It smells divine and it feels so great on my skin after a day at the pool! In fact, I need to buy more!

What are YOU loving today??

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