Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

Happy Wednesday, Y'all! It feels like it was just Wednesday - whew! This summer is definitely flying by! I'm fairly certain I say this every week, but I just love stopping and thinking of some things I'm loving - definitely helps to stop and enjoy the little things! If you'd like to participate, you can link up {HeRe}!

I'm loving the summer. There is so much to do! I've been getting some work hours in for sure, but I've really loved all the fun things Katie and I have been doing!

I'm loving my sweet girl! I missed her (and Brad) SO much when I was doing the camp thing last week! I could squeeze and love on her for hours!

I'm loving my toenail color! I got a pedicure on Sunday and had been wanting to do a light blue color. I am definitely enjoying funky colors on my toes this summer.
I'm loving that I got to visit with my sweet friend, Melinda, and meet their sweet girl, Elena when I was in Knoxville last week! It is so easy to forget how little bitty babies are - hard to believe that Katie was that little. Elena is the sweetest little thing ever - she slept the whole time I snuggled with her! Hopefully she still took some good naps for her momma :)

I'm loving this activity at camp last week! The local fire department brought their new ladder truck, extended the ladder, and shot water down for the kids to play in. Of course, we know, the counselors ended up getting just as soaked! It was a blast!

I'm loving this picture I took on the way back into town from camp. I just love hot air balloons (though I'd never go up in one) - and I think the way the sun makes everything look like a shadow is neat.

I'm loving all of the Life is Good gear! I have a couple shirts that I have worn a lot this summer and I can't wait to get more! I was just looking on their website and there are probably 5 different shirts I want to buy.

I'm loving this meal sharing set up we are doing with our neighbors. Last night we ate next door and it is so nice to not have to cook, and also to get to visit with them over a meal! I know Katie loves playing with Stella too :) I am cooking tonight for all of us...what's on the menu you ask? Sloppy Joe's and Mashed Potatoes! YUM!

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  1. Yea! Baby Elena made the blog! It was so good to see you and catch up. =)