Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First Swim Lessons!

Katie had her very first swim lesson this morning! And of course, being the picture-obsessed mama that I am, I had to take a few pictures! We decided it would be good for Katie to take swim lessons because she is way comfortable around the pool...as in, loves-to-jump-in comfortable. She is good about listening and staying close to you until you're ready for her to jump, but it kinda scares me a little. I want her to know what to do if she were to fall in or somehow jump in when we aren't ready. Our neighbors' daughter already teaches swim lessons at our neighborhood pool, so it worked great! We are doing lessons that are 15 minutes each since a toddler has a short attention span. So, like I mentioned, we did the first lesson today, and then we are doing 4 lessons next week. I can't wait to see what Katie learns! Here are some fun pics of our morning...

{when Katie first got in the water}
{she was floating on her back!}

{toys were also incorporated into the lesson}

{since we aren't exactly morning people, we took Katie's breakfast to the pool to eat after she had her lesson!}

After her lesson, we wanted to stay and swim, but the pool isn't open for free swim until 10. So we decided to play on the playground near the pool for a bit before going back to swimming. Katie loves to play and slide, so she had a blast!


{LOVE this one - she was saying Hiiiiiii!}

{she was eyeballing the pool - ready to do some more swimming!}

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