Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sensory Bin With Rice

A month or two ago, I bought a little storage bin at Target in hopes to make a sensory bin with it! I threw a big bag of rice in there and saved an old Crystal Light container, and done! I know it would have been better to have other containers/toys of different sizes (toy cars to drive in it, a little bowl to pour into, etc), but I first wanted to make sure that Katie enjoyed it! Man oh man, did she! She had a BLAST scooping and pouring out! And for a girl that doesn't like to get her hands dirty, she loved scooping her hands in and getting handfuls and letting them go. We had to put the sensory bin up when she kept throwing handfuls of it onto our deck (plus it was super hot!). But she did a great job with it! I have a couple bags of beans to try in there next. Enjoy the pics!

What else can you recommend to put in the sensory bin? Sand? Shaving cream?

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  1. I did one for CJ with different noodles. I've also done one with beans and she loved both of them!