Wednesday, September 4, 2013

College Football, Family, + Labor Day Fun

What a fun long weekend we had!  And be warned - there are lots of pics in this post - it is from Friday-Monday, so I guess that's to be expected :)  We got to see lots of friends and family - that combination always makes for a good weekend!

Friday morning, we met Katie's friend Annalane and her mom and brother for breakfast at a yummy local place!  Then we came home and Cat came over to swim with us - there were hardly any people at the pool, so that was fun!  And after Jack's nap and Brad getting home from work, we met Cat and Tyler for dinner!  Jack thought putting the noodles on his head was a good idea - crazy guy!
Saturday morning I got up and went to Tae Bo (I am finally not sore anymore! whew!) and then stopped at the grocery to get goodies for football watching with friends!  Then it was time for Katie's final swim lesson of the summer - she did great!
Then it was time to head home and have quiet/nap/get ready time before going over to Dallas and Katherine's house to watch football!  There were 20-25 folks over there and we had a blast!  Here I am with the kids before going over there...
And here's Brad with the kids!
This is about as good as it gets trying to get a pic of the kiddos - Jack is such a wiggly worm!
I think this is such a sweet picture :)
My sweet girl! So glad this dress still fits her :) At least for now...
And my wild man!  Look at that mischievous face!
Katherine, Ashley, and me!
And this was the best I could get of the kiddos...not too bad!
Here is an outtake :) I think it is hilarious!
On Sunday we got up and went to church and then headed home for playtime, lunch, and quiet time!  I ran some errands while Katie and Brad had quiet time (and Jack napped) and then we headed to my aunt and uncle's for a cookout!  They live on a golf course and Jack had a blast running on the cart path!  We took Katie's scooter and she rode around the cart path too!
Such a goofball!
Jack prefers to yell instead of smile :) All boy - that's for sure!
Love this pic of us!
And we got a family pic before we headed out too!  Not too bad considering the kiddos were worn out!
Monday Brad played golf and the kids and I ran around getting things ready for the first day of school!  Here are the kids sporting their red, white, and blue for Labor Day!
After Jack woke up and Brad finished golfing, we went over and cooked out and visited with Tanja, Nick, and Sina!  It was so fun and relaxing!
Then it was prep time for the kids' first day of school (I didn't go to bed until midnight!)...whew!  Fun but busy weekend, that's for sure!


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  1. Love her Matilda Jane outfit in that first picture! Super cute. And the pic of you with the kids is lovely!!