Thursday, September 5, 2013

Katie's All About Me Poster

I love looking back at Katie's All About Me posters from the past few years.  This year, she took a bigger role in putting it together!  At the meeting before school started, her teacher gave us this sheet to fill out....My Very Own Poster All About Me!  It required magazine cutouts and drawing and really thinking!
 This is Katie's picture of our family...
 Here is a picture of her and her favorite is that she put a "K" on her shirt :) Yay for monograms!
 And her three wishes and a little about her!  She wishes she could be a princess, could ride a helicopter, and that she could wear makeup :)
 When she grows up she wants to be a fairy (and have rainbows, apparently)...
 These are things she doesn't like - hot dogs, salad, bugs, scary guys, and thunderstorms.
 And here are some things she does like - doggies, cookies, makeup, Disney movies, birthday cake, coloring, talking on the phone, Strawberry Shortcake, Cinderella, and sunglasses! :)
It will be so fun to look back at this poster.  She is loving school this year and that makes me so happy!


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