Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sadie Girl

When playing with my new camera, it seems a little easier to try and get pictures of Sadie.  She listens just slightly better than the kids do, so that helps :)  And Katie loved helping me try to get Sadie to sit and stay and look at me with "happy ears" (which involved lots of, "Sadie, do you want a treat?" or "Sadie, do you want to go on a walk?") - poor dog.  We did give her treats though!  

I loved using my new lens - and even the fish eye lens!  Just look at that sweet face!
 I love how all of her whiskers show up in these pictures!
 You can see the "fish eye" effect best in this picture...kind of blurred leading your eyes to Sadie as the focus.
 But this?  This one is my favorite.  She is even smiling!
In Katie's words, "Sadie is the BEST doggy ever!!!!" She gets stepped on, hair pulled, ears yanked, and jumped on - and she takes it like a champ.  I think she has figured out that the kids will play with her and drop food for her...she is one smart cookie!


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