Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

WHEW!  I have several blog posts bouncing around in my head right now, but I opted to just stick with a What I'm Loving Wednesday instead - and then I will keep playing catch up the rest of the week :) So come back for some fun posts...but for now, here's what I'm loving today...with a new format!  I made a collage so that it isn't so picture heavy :)
top left: I'm LOVING playing with all my new lenses and filters and toys for my camera!  I know I already posted this picture of Katie, but I just love it.  And I've gotten some other cute ones too - of the kids AND of Sadie!  So check back - hopefully tomorrow! // top right: I'm LOVING these dark chocolate covered blueberries.  Like I could seriously sit down and eat the whole bag.  Thanks a lot, Costco!  Like I need something else chocolate-y and amazing to obsess over :)  But dark chocolate is healthy...and blueberries are fruit - so I'm okay, right?? :)
bottom left: I'm LOVING that I've started a Bible study at my church!  We started this past weekend - and we are doing Beth Moore's Daniel study.  I think it will be intense but very beneficial....can't wait to dig deeper! // bottom right: I'm LOVING the Apple Press Scentsy fragrance!  I put it out in my Scentsy pot last night and it smells amazing!  I need to check and see if they have other good fall smells...pumpkin?  Something cinnamon-y? I feel certain they do...I think I may need it!

What are YOU loving today?? Link up {here}!



  1. I haven't done Beth Moore's Daniel study. I love her stuff, though!

  2. I LOVE those choc covered blueberries!! They're crazy good!