Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Katie + Jack: First Day Of School

Another school year has begun!  Today was the first day of Katie's last year of preschool and Jack's first year of mother's day out!  Unbelievable!  They both had a fantastic day - and I bet they will sleep good tonight!

When we dropped the kiddos off this morning, I felt like we were moving in!  We had the school bags, lunchboxes, all about me posters, pack of diapers, goodies for the teachers, etc!  I have to admit that packing lunches is not one of my fave things to do - I think last night is the only time it will be exciting this year :)  And then we handed out "Favorite Things" forms to the kids' teachers to fill out so we know what to do for them for Christmas, Teacher's Appreciation, End of Year, etc!  And we gave them little bundtlets from Nothing Bundt Cake with a note that said "Hope your first day is a piece of cake!"  Doing the kids' posters was so fun - Katie did most of hers all by herself!  This morning she specifically asked if she could help take Jack to his room before she went to hers - such a sweet big sis!
And now for some of the pictures before we left home!  I love the outfit Katie picked out!  I think the cowgirl boots really complete the look :) And she made it through the whole day in them - and she can run in them!
 I can't hardly believe she will be in Kindergarten next year - slow down time!!  Look at that sweet girl - love her to pieces!
 And I made chalkboard signs for them this year - Katie thought that was pretty fun :)
And this little guy had a good day too!  Apparently after we dropped him off (he didn't cry at the hand-off), he just sat still for like 30 minutes - they were convinced he couldn't walk!  And he did cry a little at some point.  But then he got up and played and ran around...and after a bit he warmed up to the teachers and was his normal smiley self :) He ate most of his lunch and slept for just over an hour!  According to his note home, he loved the ride up the elevator on the Bye Bye Buggy :) 
 This is hilarious to me!  Brad was being a goofball trying to get him to crack a smile and he would have none of it!   But at least you can see him and the chalkboard :)
 And this one will be going in a frame - LOVE it!  
 And here Katie is on a mission to find her classroom and meet her teacher!  She has a great teacher this year and I think she will do great!  She was excited that they played on the playground twice AND didn't have a naptime :)  And she couldn't wait to tell me that she saw Jack when he was riding on the Bye Bye Buggy - but she didn't say hi "because he was with his friends and had his pacifier in his mouth." :)
 And Annalane and Katie had fun playing hide and seek before we had to leave - these girls are so funny together!  Both very strong personalities, but very sweet too :)  And they both love their little brothers!
I'm so glad they both had such excellent first days at school!  I had a productive, busy day while they were there - I have a feeling most Tuesdays and Thursdays will be action-packed so I can run errands and get things done around the house!  Maybe there will be some leisure and relaxation thrown in there from time to time :)  Today it consisted of running almost 3 miles, shopping, chiropractor visit, home for lunch, work on consignment sale things, and then it was time to pick them up!  Time sure does fly by - and boy did I miss those two!  Their hugs and smiling faces were just what I needed!


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