Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Turquoise Tuesday

What.  You didn't get the memo??
Apparently it is Turquoise Tuesday!! We walked in to our bathroom for the kids to say good morning to Brad and he pointed out the fact that we matched!  I recycled clothes from yesterday since I was going to Tae Bo (yep, I sure did.) and Katie picked out her flamingo outfit.  And then I just grabbed whatever was on top of the stack for The Dude.  And....we matched! Oh, and please excuse my "just rolled out of bed" look...I threw on clothes, brushed my teeth, and pinned my hair back.  No need to look glamorous for Tae Bo!

Posts coming soon....our trip to Phoenix (how has it been a month since we were there and I never did a blog post?!  Oops!), our Girl's Weekend, a new edition of funny things Katie says, hopefully Jack's 15 month post, before/after of our dining room and the kids' bathroom, consignment finds part 2, and who knows what else!  I think that should provide lots of entertainment and keep me busy :)


1 comment:

  1. You all do match! Cute picture
    Sounds like your going to be busy with blog posts. I swear I try to blog everyday just so I don't get behind!