Thursday, September 19, 2013

Girl's Weekend '13

This past weekend we headed to Chattanooga on a girl's trip!  I didn't tell Katie about it until two days before we left - I knew I would hear, "When are we leaving??" too many times to count if I had told her any earlier :)  

We did a girl's trip to Memphis with Amanda and Julia a couple years ago and had a blast.  Here are a few pictures from that adventure - we stayed at The Peabody and went to see Yo Gabba Gabba! It's amazing to see how much the girls have changed since that trip!

The girls loved the ducks!
 Yes we took the girls to Beale Street to eat before going to the show!
Alright, back to this year's trip!  It was a blast!  We left Saturday morning and came back Sunday afternoon.  We were able to make it to the Aquarium and IMAX theater, as well as go swimming (the hotel had an indoor pool)!  Julia was impressed with the fact that we went to two restaurants on Saturday while Katie thought the bus was ultra-cool!

These are a few of the pictures from our first day that were on my phone!  I love that we ordered room service right before bedtime for dessert - Katie was okay with that too!
Here are the girls before we headed into the aquarium!  they were so excited!
I took this in the butterfly room - it was so neat!  
We were all impressed with the size of that turtle - unbelievable!!
My sweet girl :) The only way I got her to cooperate with pictures was to say we had to take them to show Daddy what we did on our trip!
And the girls together!
I took this of a neat jellyfish - I think they are so amazing to watch!
And there was a lady between the buildings with some birds...she let the girls put them on their arms!  Katie thought it was so neat!
And I think Julia loved it too!
After we toured the second building, we stopped in the gift shop and let the girls pick out one thing.  Katie picked out a turtle purse :)  And she also got Jack a little turtle toy too - so sweet!
We also got matching butterfly rings!  I hope we are able to keep up with them and wear them for years to come :) 
And here is a picture of Amanda and Julia!
And one of me and my sweet pea - love it!
After we stopped for a snack, we headed back to the hotel and went swimming!  The best part was relaxing in the room and getting chocolate cake from room service :)

Sunday we woke up and got ready before grabbing breakfast and heading out!  
We headed to the IMAX theater to see a butterfly movie!
Katie loved the glasses!  I love that she kept grabbing the air trying to catch the butterflies during the movie!
Then it was time for our final bus ride to the hotel to get our stuff and jump in the car to grab lunch before heading home!
Katie on the bus - she thought it was so fun!
And Katie was being silly with the valet guys and counting to see how long it would take them to get the car for us.  Love that smile :)
And the valet guy took this of us - LOVE it! So sweet!
And this was the side of a building near where we had lunch - I thought the wood was so neat!  So of course a quick photo shoot had to happen!
Julia laughing at her momma!
I'm sure Katie was laughing at me!
And then we hit the road to come home.  It was a short trip but so much fun!  I can't wait to go on another adventure - and there's no other little lady I'd rather take with me!


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