Friday, September 20, 2013

The Birthday Guy

Yesterday was Brad's birthday!  Of course he had to go to work and the kids went to school.  And Mr. Social already had lunch plans for his birthday with some folks he used to work with, so I just did my thing during the day (I ran 3.25 miles! And I took the kids' panels to get framed so we can hang them! And I took a shower!).  But last night, Grandma came to hang out with the kids so I could meet Brad at a social/happy hour with the people he works with (that just so happened to be scheduled on his birthday)!  That was super fun.  And then we headed out to a delicious restaurant....
They have the best food.  And delicious drinks.  I was absolutely stuffed when we left - I devoured a ginormous chicken biscuit with sausage gravy and sweet potato fries.  I still don't feel right from eating all of that! was totally worth it :)  Of course I had to get a picture of the two of us before we left :)  Sidenote: I was SO excited to have a reason to wear one of my Stitchfix tops - I love it!
And now?  Well, we happen to be prepping for a little family celebration when Brad gets home from work!
I let Katie pick out balloons (she said we had to have balloons for the party), we wrapped some presents and made/signed the cards, and we even made funfetti cupcakes with strawberry icing!  Katie is beside herself with excitement :)  She loves a good party!

And this weekend has more celebrating on the agenda - we have some friends coming over to watch football tomorrow and then a family shindig on Sunday.  I think he is catching on to my "birthday month" idea as opposed to just one steps, right?? For now, it'll be a "birthday weekend" instead!  Happy Friday!


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