Saturday, September 14, 2013

War Eagle + Camera Practice at the Park

Last Saturday I wanted to take some pictures of the kids (surprise, surprise) in their Auburn gear!  I did get some cute pictures...especially since Brad was helpful and got the kids to smile for the camera :)  It really is a 2 person job with these crazies! 
 I love this one - Jack is clearly trying to escape but Katie is determined to keep her grasp!
 I happened to catch them next to each other AND got a smile.  Definitely a win!
 Love this picture of my sweet girl - she is growing up way too quickly!
 She played some games on the iPad during quiet time - she is absolutely amazing on that thing!  And she does so well with the activities on there!
 Love this boy!  HA!  Looks like he is carrying a boombox :) Makes me laugh everytime I look at this picture!
 And I caught a classic Jackaroni smile - so cute!
 We had friends over to grill out and watch football...the girls had a BLAST playing!  Katie got to stay up past bedtime and did super - so glad!  Look at all that blonde hair! :)
And after church on Sunday, we stopped at the park on the way home so I could try to get a few pictures of the kids.  They weren't really in the mood and Jack was all over the place, but I did get a few cute ones.  

I love this one - they were looking for fish in the creek! We also saw a woolly caterpillar and the kids thought that was the neatest thing ever!
And I got this cute one of the kids.  I just love it!  And yes, I know - Jack has the same outfit on that he did the day before :) He only wore it to watch he wore it again to church :)
And Brad got this cute one of me and the kiddos - love it!
I know they get tired of pictures, but I love them - and one day, they will love them too :) (or at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!)


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  1. Such a sweet post, I love you pictures!