Friday, September 27, 2013

The Star Chart Is Back!

We started the star chart method with Katie back in January.  Well it definitely worked but we had a hard time (and by we, I mean me and Brad) remembering to follow up each evening to do a recap and see if she got her stickers.  And life happened.  And then it was summer.  Things are always more relaxed in the summer, right? :) Well, Katie has had some problems with listening/doing with we tell her the first time.  Everything is a negotiation.  And it was taking like 5 times to get her to do something.  No bueno.  It was enough to drive me crazy!  So, we started the star chart again this week!  
We started on Monday which would be why Sunday was scribbled though.  And I am happy to report that this week has been very smooth!  Of course there have been a few moments where I had to remind Katie about the star chart and the fact that she wouldn't get a star if she didn't listen/do what I was asking her to do/clean up, etc!
Another side effect of the the star chart is that it holds Mommy & Daddy accountable as well.  Just this morning, Katie asked why we don't make our bed :) She does such a good job all on her own.  And I agree.  We need to model good "behavior" and taking care of our responsibilities.  
Also, Katie has reminded us to say a blessing before meals.  I get so busy preparing the meals and making sure everybody is taken care of, that I tend to forget.  So thank you, star chart, for helping us all remember to pray :)  And I was getting tired of going behind Katie to clean up, so the star chart has reminded her that if she gets it out, she needs to put it up!  I'm hoping that, as a family, we do better at remembering to do these star charts - it is good for all of us!


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