Friday, September 6, 2013

Jack's All About Me Poster + First Week

We survived week one of school for both kiddos!  I am so proud of Jack for doing so well!  It is a big transition for kiddos his age - he has been with me so much up to this point!  The last couple of months, he has not been a huge fan of us leaving him in the nursery at church.  He wants to be held, acts tired, and just isn't his normal smiley, happy self!  Well I mentioned that on Tuesday, he sat still for like 30 minutes and his teachers questioned whether he could walk or not! HA - they quickly learned that he isn't still :) He took a while to warm up to them but finally came around and was all smiles!  Yesterday, he cried at drop off.  They said he was fine almost immediately and had a great day!  He ate literally ALL of his lunch and slept for just under an hour.  They worked on making all the kids happy with lots of bubbles - and they said Jack got really happy when they went to the playground...that he loved going down the slide!  They also took a ride on the Bye Bye Buggy, which happens to be one of Jack's favorites also.  When I got there to pick him up, I had to wait for someone else to get their child which gave me the chance to watch Jack play and interact without him knowing!  He was running around and smiling and having the best time!  He was playing with this toy that is like a little pretend house with a door, mailbox, kitchen, birds, and flowers - he loved it! (we actually have one under the deck that needs to be cleaned off - maybe now we will clean it so that he can play with it!)  And one of the other little boys came into the house with him and Jack smiled so big when a friend came to play with him!  Too cute :)

Here is Katie showing Jack how to get to his classroom again yesterday....
And here is Jack's All About Me poster.  I had so much fun putting it together!  The teachers made a train with the squares and they drive by each one when they are in the Bye Bye Buggies and talk about each kiddo.  If someone is sad, they also use it to look at pictures of things that make the child happy :)  Love it!
We are off to the dentist and a make-up gymnastics class for Miss Priss! Happy Friday!


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