Monday, December 3, 2012

A Little Catch Up...

I have definitely been slacking in my weekend recaps as of late.  So this post is going to be a hodge podge of posts about various things we have done over the last month or so!  

We went to a nice dinner with friends to celebrate a birthday!  Here are the girls...
 And the group.  We all live in the same neighborhood...I went to high school with the guys that are not my husband....I was roommates with both girls at Auburn (one was freshman year, the other was sophomore and junior year), all of us but Brad went to fun!
 And Brad and I had an impromptu date night to go to dinner and see Skyfall.  It was really fun - and nice to see a movie!
There was a major construction project in our bonus room!  It was the biggest tent I've seen...king sheets and blankets and lamps and fun!  Brad and Katie had a blast with it!
 Jack played with some loop toys on the playmat - while sitting up!  He is doing so well with supported sitting!  Before too long he will be sitting all by himself to play with toys! 
 We have enjoyed mild-weathered weekends!  Love this outfit.  And how did Katie get to looking so big?!
Speaking of looking so big....this guy and his sweater vest.  I could eat him up.
 And some bedtime stories.  This picture makes me so happy.  All of my favorites snuggled in together!
There will be a few more recap posts to come so I can be caught up on everything!  I cannot believe it is already December.  We are decorated and finished shopping - now we can enjoy the holiday season and all it brings!  Happy Monday!


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