Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jack: Six Months

Things are improving on this front!  We transitioned from being swaddled into using the sleep sack - yet another transition!  It took a few nights for him to get used to having his arms free, but he is doing good now!  He does wake up needing his pacifier (and sometimes needs to be rocked), but all in all, he is a decent sleeper!  He has also started teething, so that has been waking him up at night I think,  He likes to sleep on his side also.  Usually, he wakes up at around 7:30, eats, and is back down for a nap within an hour and a half or so.  When he wakes up (maybe around 11 or 12), he eats a second time.  He plays and then eats a third time about three hours later and takes another nap.  He eats a fourth time around 5:30 or 6 - cereal at around 7:15, and bottle and bed at around 8:30.
I am still nursing him, but I can definitely tell my supply has started drying up (on purpose).  My goal was 6 months and I have done that!  I will likely continue to feed him in the morning and afternoon and pump at night.  Eventually I plan to get rid of the afternoon feeding, and then stop pumping at night and then do away with the morning feeding.  It will be a slow transition, which I am a-okay with (for him and for me)!  He is such a big boy in his highchair - I started sitting it all the way up with the tray the other night...big boy!
He weighs 17 pounds, 2 ounces - in the 40-50th percentile!
He is 26.5 inches in length - in the 50th percentile!
Size Clothes
Still 6 months - I think we are officially ready to go to 9 month jammies...poor thing sometimes can't bend his knees in the 6 month sleepers!  And I put him in a 6-12 month outfit for his 6 month pictures and it fit pretty well...looks like we will be moving on up!
Size Diapers
We just moved into size 3!  I think it was definitely time as he was having some serious blowouts in the size 2 diapers!
Hair color
Little man has some hair!  Now, it is most definitely not a head full by any stretch, but I can definitely tell it is beginning to fill in a little!  And it is darker than Katie's I think.  We will see!
Eye color
Still those amazing baby blues!
Looking Like
Like big sis...I get comments just about every day about how  much he looks like Katie!
I can't think of any new ones.  I still need to do a better job of just calling him Jack rather than Baby Jack.
Favorite toy
Jack loves his Little Einsteins music radio toy!  He grabs it and makes it play its music and all that.  And of course the tries to eat it too!  He still loves the exersaucer and playmat too!   He is thoroughly entertained by big sis...and I love that!
He had his first bottle of formula just 5 days shy of being 6 months old.  I am so proud of myself (and him, of course) - breastfeeding is hard work!  He did just fine with the formula and I expect it to be an easy transition (once all of the frozen breastmilk is gone).  He also got his first cold right at 6 months.  Poor guy - but I am super impressed we made it this long!  He is just so pitiful with a runny nose and yucky cough.  Jack also had his first weekend away from momma and daddy!  And he did just great - it was a nice break for everybody!  And of course I loved that sweet smile when I got home.
He is definitely reaching for things more actively now.  And he is sitting up!  It is more of a tripod sit, but when I sit him up, he does a good job!  And he is starting to get brave and sit straight up without toppling over (most of the time)!  He can transfer things from hand to hand.  And he is starting to make more consonant noises too!  I am really working on "mama" to be his first word - ha!
Anything else?
We are going to try baby food once this cold goes away - and start eating twice a day!  Whew!  I think he really is going to love baby food!  And we are so excited about his first Christmas!  He did great with Santa - we actually got a smile!  And new toys will definitely be fun.  I am sure it will be a year of fun tissue paper (rather than loving his gifts), but that will come soon enough.  It is so fun to see how much he loves his big sister...he watches everything she does and loves to sit in her lap.  And I swear Jack is the happiest, smiliest baby I have ever met.  He just always has a sweet grin on his face!  He can definitely rip and roar, but it is always for a reason!  Lastly, how on EARTH is this baby already half a year old??!  Wasn't he just born??  Wow.  I thought time flew with Katie - this is just totally different.  Life is hectic and wild with two kids, so I feel certain that is I am trying to get every snuggle and hug I can...and I constantly remind myself on the more challenging days that I will, indeed, miss this stage. :)

Here are some pictures from the last week or two of our little guy!


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  1. How can he already be 6 months?

    Cutest little guy EVER!