Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday: Kid's Toy Edition

Happy Day After Christmas!  Hope you all had a fantastic day spending time with the ones you love!  I know we had a fantastic day and are hanging at home letting the kids enjoy their goodies from Christmas!  As I was taking a look at all of their loot, I was thinking about what some of the "favorites" are so far and thought I'd do today's post on that - I know I will like looking back at their favorites this year...and maybe it will help other people out with ideas for the future!

Katie (3.5 years old) LOVES....
Pink Sequin Coin Purse (with some coins inside - this year she is way into money!)
Jack (6 months) LOVES....
The kids got other things too, but we have not opened them yet!  We try to stage the opening of packages so that there are new things for the next few months :) And Jack has all sorts of fun things to play with soon - once he starts sitting up really well, we will open some more of his goodies! I am so glad that I took some time before Christmas to clean out the toy area so that we have space to put the new ones!

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