Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Blog Swap

When I saw the opportunity to do a gift swap with another blogger for something Christmas-y, I was super excited!  I had fun picking up a few fun items here and there...and of course I love getting fun things in the mail!  It was a win, win situation!  I was matched up with Lyndsey @ The Loflands - jump over and check her blog out...her family is just precious!

I was so excited to go out to get the mail and have a package for me on the front porch.  When I got it inside and opened the box, this was what I saw...how fun!
 And I love all of the fun items!  I seriously have been needing a new acrylic cup, so this is perfect!!! And she put a baggy of little clothespins for hanging Christmas cards up - amazing!  And they were festive looking with what I assume is the cutest washii tape ever!  And then some cookie cutters and muffin tin liners - perfect!  I've been wanting to do some Christmas baking with Katie, so that is awesome!
And of course their Christmas card is great - what a photogenic family!  Thank you, Lyndsey!!  

Doing this makes me want to do some fun blog swap...favorite fingernail polish (though that could be tricky to mail)?  Or favorite magazine?  Or favorite dish towel?  Or favorite earrings/jewelry (with a dollar limit)?  The possibilities are endless!

Now jump around to the different folks that participated and see what fun people had with the blog swap!



  1. What a fun package! I think all of your blog swap ideas are great! I love sending and receiving fun little gifts. Thanks for joining our swap! Merry Christmas!

  2. Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed everything!! I LOVE all of my goodies!!