Thursday, December 13, 2012

Halloween Party (Almost Two Months Late)

Hi.  My name is Ashley.  And I am way behind on blogging.  Actually, I think I am just about caught up after this post is complete!  Better late than never though right? (although I am looking at how much Jack has changed since these pictures - I guess it was almost 7 weeks ago)  My mom wanted us to come over and have a Halloween we did just that!  It was full of pumpkin cookies, apple cider, a few little goodies (that they are still playing with even though it is almost Christmas!), and some playing outside!  Katie and Jack both got cute little squeaky Halloween toys (yes, we have a purple squeaky bat in the car) that Sadie thinks are just for her (I think my mom said she actually did find them in the dog toy aisle - the toys are designed to not have little parts, so they are perfect!).
 After we finished snacking and partying indoors, we headed outside!  Katie brought her set of wheels and some sidewalk chalk and had a big old time with them!  Actually, she and Uncle Will and Jack raced!  It was priceless.  And excuse me, but when did Jack get big enough for an umbrella stroller?!  Unacceptable.  Anyways.  Back to the Halloween shindig.  It was great fun and Katie talked about it for quite some time.  She also loved barreling toward me on her tricycle and me jumping out of the way at the last minute.
The age and stage Katie is in is oh-so fun.  Challenging?  Absolutely.  She is definitely a handful.  In fact, the other day I was forcing her to put socks on with her shoes if she wanted to play outside because it was barely 40 degrees.  Her response?..."My daddy says socks don't matter."  Oh my.  We are in for it.  And I am sure this is payback, because she is just like me.

But I can say the Halloween party was a success!  And thank goodness we went on and did this about a week before Halloween...just a couple of days later, my mom fell and shattered her shoulder which resulted in a partial shoulder replacement on Halloween!  Whew!  (I am happy to report that as of Tuesday, she is clear to drive and only has to wear her arm brace for comfort measures - yay!)


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  1. You're not the only one who is behind!!! I went on maternity leave forgot about blogging. Glad Halloween was fun for the family!!!