Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Crafts + Cooking

As you may recall, I had aspirations to be ultra crafty this Christmas season.  I think I can say it was a success!  There is still at least one project that I have not done (but I plan to this weekend), but I'd say that's ok!  I wanted to do a recap of all the crafiness and cooking, so here we go!

I made the handprint ornaments - except I don't really like how they turned out.  I think I may try this one again.  And maybe do them on the same slab of dough and paint it and have it be for display rather than an ornament...

I also made the peppermint tray!  I think I let it cook a couple minutes too long.  But it was so neat and smelled so minty!  I threw it away because I didn't really have a use for it, but it was super easy!
We also made ornaments with my mom! I did the Pledge floor cleaner and glitter ones with our initials on them - LOVE how they turned out!  And Katie and my mom did tissue paper and Modge Podge ornaments...they are so neat too!  I think we are going to make some more of these soon!  And I still want to do a glitter one with Jack's handprint on it for his first Christmas!
And I felt inspired to be crafty for Katie's class gifts.  I made scarves for all the kiddos and then we made Reindeer Food and gave it to them.  The argyle scarves were for the boys and then the dots/chevron/bright colored ones were for the girls!  It was so easy...I bought the fleece and just cut strips and then made fringe..that's it!  It measures 40" x 6" - I wanted to make them big enough to last a few years.  And then the Reindeer Food is just oats and glitter and sprinkles.  And I printed off the cute little poem to go with it!
Here are all the gifts lined up at school for her buddies! Of course it was like a monsoon when I carried them inside, so some had bows and some didn't :)
On Christmas Eve Eve, Jill and Stella came over to do some fun things with the girls!  I hope this becomes an annual much fun!  We made cookies (that can be considered a Pinterest fail...when they cooked, they stayed in blob form rather than spreading out like a cookie!) - and then we delivered some cookies to the neighbors from the girls!
 We also made Christmas trees out of waffle cones, icing, sprinkles, and candy!  I think it was about half and half in regards to what made it onto a tree vs into their tummies!
 This was Katie's finished product!  I love how they turned out!
 And Alvin brought us a gingerbread house kit, so we were going to make it as a family!  Well, when we opened the box, it was in crumbles.  We tried to fix it, but there was no we worked with what we had!  The big picture in the collage is the finished product! :)
I also tried to get Katie to do some fingerprint art....I think next year will be better for that.  She didn't quite grasp the concept!  But at least I have everything for this fun project!

And for Christmas Eve, I made a green bean casserole...and for Christmas Day, I made Pimento Cheese Pinwheels and Sopapilla Cheesecake.  Thank you, Pinterest!  Everything was DELICIOUS!!!

Coming up this weekend will be citrus pomanders and maybe even cinnamon stick Santa's! We shall see how creative I get :)  I also want to do fabric on the clear ball ornaments and I have tons of fabric scraps - so much fun!


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