Thursday, December 13, 2012

This Year's Christmas Decor

I LOVE Christmas and all of the decorations that come along with it!  And boy am I glad I love ornaments!  We had to get a new tree this year after we tried to put our other one up and half of it did not work.  So we got a bigger one that we managed to do a pretty good job filling up!

This is the decor on the mailbox - I love putting a bow on the mailbox, and this year I added this sign!  I love how sparkly and fun it is - and of has dots! :)
And here are the outdoor decorations!  I wanted to take the pictures at night so the lights would show up!  I love how the lights make the garden flag glow.
And a few inside detail pictures.  Clearly we do not go with any particular theme....just Christmas.  I do have a very sweet nativity set that I want to put out - I just cannot figure out where!  Maybe I should put it between the two lamps so you see it as you come in the house.  But I love having all the stuffed animals sit there!  We shall see!
And our gigantic tree!  I do love how it lights up the room when all the other lights are off.  And I still do not have anything wrapped under the tree.  I plan on tackling that next week.  And I like putting it off a little longer so as to not tempt Katie :)
And some more details...stockings (looks kind of fun even though they don't match!)...though I do plan on getting coordinated ones soon.  I also love all the Christmas pillows!
 And this is the console table in the kitchen - one of my favorite spots!  I put all the Christmas cards in the star basket - next year I do think I am going to hang them along some garland or make a Christmas card tree or something...they are all too pretty to keep in a basket!  That angel print was Katie's hands and foot two years ago - so special!  And of course the Santa's Lap frame...I can't wait to put this year's picture in it!
 Some more details!  Christmas plates...Katie's gingerbread house from school...our Santa beard countdown to Christmas...and Katie's very own tree in her room!  She absolutely loves it!
And this year I put up more of the Little People Nativity scene...Katie loves to go in and play with it (and that old TV table is just the right height and size!  I knew we still had it for a good reason...though I'm hoping to get it out of here after the first of the just doesn't look nice in the dining room)!  So far she has made a conga line with all the people and animals, and she has put them in a big semi-circle with the bale of hay in the middle...she said they were watching TV :)
And just to keep it real...this is our den filled with all things Christmas and all things baby!
I am linking up with Kelly's Korner and From Mrs. to Mama with this post about  my decor.  And I cannot wait to see how other people decorate and get some ideas! 



  1. Cute decor! We have similar blog names too funny. Mine is called Alphabet Soup :) Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh how pretty! I love all the little details!

  3. Love the Santa beard countdown!

  4. I love the hands and foot angel! Very sweet.