Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Wednesday, we meet again!  Good grief time sure is flying.  So glad we are all decorated for Christmas - and I love hearing all the music too!  Anyway, here's what I'm loving today!
I'm LOVING that I have more than 100 followers now!  I obviously took this screen shot when I had 100 - and thank you!  If you read this in Google Reader or some other format, please jump over to the actual blog and become a follower!  For those that already are...thank you!!  There might be something exciting coming for the followers *wink*
I'm LOVING coffee...and this print.  I got a Keurig for my birthday and I think I can officially say it has converted me to a coffee least in the cooler months!
 I'm LOVING this little nook that features the kids' artwork and a gallery wall and children's space!  So cute!  Makes me want to find a place to do something like this...
 I'm LOVING this scripture countdown to Christmas.  It definitely helps remember the reason for this wonderful time of year.
I'm LOVING that the barn is back!!  Well, the structure of a barn...the real one that was there was damaged in a storm so they tore it down.  The landscape this time of year wasn't the same without the barn's Christmas scene.  I am amazed that I got a decent picture on my phone while driving.  There was no one around me when I took it - don't worry.
 I'm LOVING all the arts and crafts to do with the kiddos this time of year.  This candy cane looks really simple - and I think Katie will love doing this!
 I'm LOVING the family fingerprint reindeer....adorable!!!  We will definitely be doing this!
 I'm LOVING taking a plain circle-shaped sugar cookie and turning it into Santa!  May have to do this for something sometime soon...
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  1. Coffee is my sole source of getting through the day sometimes! I'm sure Katie would love that candy cane project.

  2. Thanks for sharing the Christmas countdown verses...great idea! Stopping by from WILW :)

    P.s. It took me around 10 times to post this comment b/c of the captcha. :/

  3. The barn in Brentwood!! Love it. I live in Belle Meade! Love finding other Tenesseans in the blog world! I'm hoping over to follow you now!!