Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Day '16

What a fun Christmas Day we had!  I loved going back through the pictures!  Santa certainly did pay a visit to our house - I even caught him red-handed!  I don't even remember what app I used, but I loved it!
And here were the goods from the Jolly Guy!  I'd say these kids were good...or maybe Alvin put in a good word for them!
And the traditional kids-at-the-top-of-the-stairs-not-wanting-a-picture picture! :) Love the bedhead on the boys...they sure needed a haircut by then!
I would say Katie's favorite thing was the collection of Pokémon cards!  She liked playing with the Hatchimal some.  And the walkie talkies have been great when she is outside playing with friends or over at friend's houses.  The Pokémon cards have been sorted and stacked and traded!
The Nerf guns and lightsaber were definitely a hit for Jack!  See that bottom left picture?  He has a school bus with monster truck tires that he got from his stocking before anyone else was awake!  That's right -- first child to ever sneak and see the Santa spread.  I am not surprised one bit - could only laugh!  At least he only raided his stash!  Oh - and he was a big fan of the wagon he asked for as well!
Ryan sat and colored with that invisible ink pad for quite some time!  And he loved his Balance Bike with Mickey helmet!  We need to actually take it somewhere to use it now!  He also loved his Little Einsteins plush characters (especially Rocket) and Jack's light saber!
Sadie was so happy on Christmas morning!  Just look at that happy dog face!
I made cinnamon roll monkey bread the night was the same recipe as Thanksgiving, but rather than doing it in a bundt pan (where it didn't cook through enough), I did it flat in a casserole was good, but not nearly as good as Thanksgiving.  Guess I will have to give it another go sometime soon!  And the one piece missing was because someone {looking at you, Brad} had to test it out!
Nanny and Papa came over on Christmas morning to watch the kids dig through their goodies and have breakfast with us!  Glad they were here this year - they missed last year!  And glad that we got a picture of them with the kiddos!
LOVE this picture of the kids with Sadie!  You can totally tell that Sadie and Katie are BFFs...she loves the boys but she definitely has a special place for Katie.
And see these pictures?  This is when the kids found out about our new addition! We gave them a dog bed, collar, leash, toys, treats, and framed picture of a litter of puppies....that's right!  We are getting a puppy!  I took a video of this, so these pictures are still shots from the took them a while to figure it out (which was basically us telling first, Katie thought Sadie was having puppies!)!!
Katie took these pictures of us - a sweet one and then she told us to be goofy.  These pictures capture is pretty well, I'd say!
We didn't go to my mom's house until late morning, so the kids actually had time to play with their toys!  Love this action shot...who knows what Jack was telling Ryan to do.  Ha!  But Mr. Bossypants is often seen in this same scenario :)
I got a quick picture of the kiddos before loading up for Cee Cee's house to celebrate!  That's right....SHORTS WEATHER.  ON CHRISTMAS DAY.  Unreal.  It was a gorgeous day!
And a family shot in front of Cee Cee's tree!  Love this!
And here are some favorites from time at Cee Cee's house!  Katie loved the Jeep for her American Girl dolls (the boys loved it too -- go figure)!!  Ryan had to be corralled in the highchair, but he loved playing with his new magnet blocks!  And Jack thought the monster truck that can pull things was absolutely amazing!  He and my uncle sure do think alike :) And we got a new sled!  Katie and Jack were so excited!
I also managed to get a few cute pictures!  Love this cuddlebug picture!
And a selfie with the Rhino!  He loves selfies since he can actually see himself - such a nut!
Katie and Brad opened a neat ornament from Cee Cee!
And I got a girl picture!
When I was scrolling through my phone (or Timehop), I came across a picture from two years ago on Christmas Day.  Boy am I thankful for finding a good workout routine!  And Katie has grown up so much!  She's still got that long blonde hair though!
When we got home, we all crashed for a bit.  Ryan took a snooze and I actually fell asleep on the dog bed - ha!  Then we rounded up some dinner and turned a new movie on for a picnic!  We all watched Aladdin - it had been so long since we had seen it!
Ryan had fun biking through the house :)
And Jack absolutely loved his Tinkertoys!  Actually, I don't know who loved them more...Brad or Jack :)  He was so proud of his creation, and it was so neat to watch them build it together!
Katie's Hatchimal finally hatched.  And of course she spent some more quality time with her Pokémon cards!
Before heading upstairs, the boys did some light saber fighting!  This action shot may be one of my favorites!  Brad has "the dad look" and a child is sitting on the dog bed (there is usually at least one child on it whenever the TV is on or a toy is being played with in the living room)!
We missed getting with my Dad's side of the family this year, but I have to was kind of relaxing to only have one stop to make.  It definitely makes me thankful for all of our family - and hopefully next year will be back to tradition :)

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