Thursday, December 15, 2016

September Recap

While updating on all of the bigger events and holidays, I wanted to be sure to include the little moments too!  And rather than do that with one humongous post, I opted to do it by month.  I have no idea how much of life actually got blogged prior to the fall, but I thought starting in September was reasonable!  I look at these pictures and it is amazing how much the kids have changed in just a matter of months!

I enjoyed some Friday afternoon patio time with my girls before getting the kids off the bus!  Not to worry - Brad had come home early from work...I didn't leave the boys at home by themselves :)
Jack has decided that Hank is his best friend - it is always so entertaining when they play together!  Sweet boys!
Stella and Katie - such a sweet pic!  Slow down time!  They already look so different than they did here...
And college football was in full force! We got together with the neighbors to watch some football - and the kiddos sported some Auburn gear!
We also got some hikes in!  On this particular day we went further than planned, but the boys did a good job!
I snapped this of the crazies before heading down to the bus one morning! Love it!
Katie had her bridging ceremony from Daisies to Brownies!
My soccer season started!  This was when Jenn and I were headed home from our first game, I think.
I managed to get some good runs in!  Boy, do I miss getting outside and running.  I can't wait for some milder, rain-free days this winter to get out and run!
On Meme's birthday, I went to visit with her for a little while before she headed out to lunch with my mom!  I love this picture I snapped when she and Ryan were playing peek a boo through my keyring!
I started a Bible study at church!  It was a really great one!
A week of Katie's outfits for school :)  Clearly we still hold Matilda Jane near and dear to our hearts!
These boys love a stop at the park anytime!
These pictures were from Katie's Spirit Week at school!  Neon Day, Cowgirl Day, Wacky Day, Decades Day, and Spirit Day!
That Friday night was the Fun Fest at her school!  It is always so fun - the weather was perfect this year!  Jack had a blast doing some of the inflatables too (mainly the obstacle course one).  Next year I need to remember to have Katie wear a super bright color that is not green so I can find her more easily!
I got my hair done!  I think I am going to do this color again - looking at this picture makes me ready for a dark color!
I also got to go on Katie's field trip!  It was so fun to spend a day with her and her class!
Brad and I ended the month with a date night!  Dinner at Whiskey Kitchen and then a concert - Rob Thomas and Counting Crows!
I'd say September was a keeper! 

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