Friday, December 16, 2016

Mother Daughter Weekend

In September, Katie and I did a Mother-Daughter Weekend at a local Christian camp - it was amazing!  Jill and Stella (next door neighbors) did it too, so that made it even more fun!  We didn't stay at the camp since we are "locals" but we still got the most out of it - and we were able to sleep in our own beds.  I call that a win!  Here is a collage I did of the first day at camp.  It wasn't super long - check in was at around 4:30 or 5 and we probably got home around 9:30.  The girls got to do some really fun things - and we did too!  The evening ended with a dance party and some worship.
Day two was full of adventure - including a big swing!  All four of us did it, but I weenied out and was only hoisted about 75% of the way up before pulling the cord to let go and swing.  We did some canoeing and other fun things too!
I love when we have the Christian radio station on, Katie still remembers some of the songs we sang during the worship times at camp.  She was already talking about going again, so I hope we can do that together again!  Such an important and fun thing to do together!

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