Friday, December 9, 2016

Halloween '16

After a few more posts, I think I will finally be all caught up! We had such a fun Halloween this year! It was actually the warmest Halloween I remember for some time!  Here the kids are before school that morning!  Just ignore the mums - somehow I managed to kill them.  I got them at Costco and this was as good as it got!  I think I will stick with my normal place because I usually have big, fluffy, gorgeous ones!
I actually got a good run in - and I had a picture saying it was 88 degrees when I finished my run!  WOW!  On Halloween!
And once Katie got off the bus, we immediately got ready for the fun!  Here are my ghouls ready for the Halloween party! A Candycorn Witch, an astronaut, and Thomas the Train - so cute!
And here are a few pictures from the annual Halloween shindig at our neighbors' house! Such a fun time!  Love that all of the fun could be set up in the driveway - no rain plus warmer temps!
And a black cat, a pig, and a social butterfly - that's the first time I've dressed up in a long time!
Brad had a meeting that ran over, but once he finally got home, he came over wearing the boys' Hulk gear and his Hulk tshirt.  Ha!
And we got a picture of Katie, Stella, Hank, and Jack before folks started arriving!
Jill set out a tub so kids could bob for was hands down Ryan's favorite spot!  He was soaked from playing with the water!  He had a fun time no doubt!
My mom and brother came down for the fun of course Will and I had to get a picture together!  He even brought a turkey hat.  Ha!  Love this!
Once the kids played and everyone ate and it got dark, we headed out!  It was quite the crew of kids to hit up each house! 
And once the trick or treating was complete, it was time to dig through their goods.  All of my kids shared with me that night - so nice!
And this is how Jack ended the night.  I think it was safe to say he had fun!  He was exhausted!
And then I made a collage of each of my spooks...I loved their costumes this year! 
Another successful Halloween in the books!  Sure hope the weather is that nice next year!

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