Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Jack the Soccer Dude

Last Fall, Jack played soccer again!  He played on the same team with mostly the same boys as he did in the spring, so it was fun to get to see all those kiddos again!  Here he is at his first practice of the season.  Sidenote -- look at that hair!  I think he got it cut a few days after was long!
And this is such a Jack pose - hands on the hips!  This was at his first game of the season!  We played the team that some of his buddies from preschool are on, and Aubrey got this cute one!  Definitely one of my favorite pictures of him from the season!
During that first game, Jack was on fire!  He scored two goals during the game and was SO excited!  Aubrey got these pictures too (I had left my phone at home - ah!)!  Dribbling the ball... (and now that I have payed closer attention to the picture, the boy on the other team is in his class at school! ha!)
He shoots! He SCORES!!!!
A picture of Carter and Jack - Carter was actually on the maroon team but had just not turned to the other side of the uniform yet!
And here's Jack on picture day!  I snapped a few phone pictures when they were taking them :) And I got a picture of him kicking off!
He also had some folks come watch him play throughout the season!  This was a Saturday when we were all at Jack's game and then went to Katie's cheer!  It was a HOT one!
And Papa came to a game to cheer Jack on too!  Love this picture of them!
We went to watch our friend Sydney play one day and Jack got out there and dribbled the ball around during the halftime of the game and I got a picture (on Jenn's camera which she then sent me as a cropped pic of just Jack)...I love this - barefoot, hat on, polo with khaki shorts...and a pink ball!
And the weekend that Brad and I went to New Orleans was his last game of the season, which also meant it was the end of the season party!  I'm so thankful that a couple of the moms helped out -- one picked Jack up and took him to the game and to the party and another brought him home from the party!  It takes a village!  And Cee Cee was at his game to cheer him on too!
Such a sweet group of boys (and parents)!  And we get to see several of them this winter for their debut playing basketball together!  Should be entertaining - check back for pictures of that fun!

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