Sunday, December 18, 2016

November Recap

Ryan went through a phase where he wanted the "coloring thing" and he drew circles!  Ha!  He would always tell me to look at his circles, then he'd erase them, and then the cycle would start all over again!  Glad he likes to draw!
I still look back at these pictures and can't believe sleeveless tops were even an option in November!  Love this outfit!

And a family picture we had taken at church!  They had a little informal photo booth set up and of course we took advantage.  Don't you know Brad and Katie were oh so excited...ha!
Katie climbed up in the tree!  I've never thought of her to be that adventurous, but I'm glad she thought it was fun!  I guess having those long legs makes it a little bit easier!
I was sitting on the stairs leading up to the deck and caught the boys playing with each other and with Sadie.  So sweet!
Katie had her first basketball practice! I was excited for her to start back up with basketball because she loved it so much last winter!
On a day off from school, Jenn and I took the kiddos out to the farm of an organization she works for!  It was fun to see it and let the kids enjoy some outdoor time!
First Elf viewing of the season!  It is never too early for that movie (or too late, depending on how long you watch it after the holiday - ha!).  And the kids loved the picnic!  Sadie loved it too because Ryan gave her lots of food!
One morning, I actually was up and dressed in real clothes with makeup and had all my kids ready for the day too! I call that a win!
The boys love sitting out on the front porch and waving bye to Brad when he is leaving for work.  Of course that isn't always an option, but when it is, they love it!
Katie also lost another tooth in November!  That makes a grand total of seven teeth lost!
Finally!  A morning that warranted wearing a fleece!
I happened to capture all three crazies bumping down the stairs on their hiney one morning.  I love it - I can just hear the squeals of delight and laughter as they bumped down together!
I made the mistake of making a dentist appointment for all three on a day that school was out.  At least Katie didn't have to be late to school!  And it got us up and out - I even made it to a workout class!  All three kids had a good report - and hopefully one day Ryan will like it as much as the other two!
That day happened to be pretty mild, so we were able to get out and have some fun!  And we remembered helmets for those that own them!
We even got the stomp rockets out that Jack got for the previous Christmas!  Oh, the beauty of waiting to open a few things and then finding them and it's like Christmas morning all over again!  They thought they were so much fun!
And this may be one of the best pictures of these two sweet girls together!  Sadie sure loves Katie - and I think it is mutual!
We also had a night out with Nunya and Nick :) Ryan prefers calling her Nunya these days - ha! Dinner at Local Taco and some ice cream...sounds amazing!
The next morning I let Brad sleep in and took the kids to get donuts and hot chocolate!  Oh, and I treated myself to some Starbucks :)
We had Thanksgiving lunch at Katie's school - always a fun tradition!
Hank and Jack likely up to no good one morning after the big sisters got on the bus!
One night Ryan was overly excited about taking a bath - he got in with all of his clothes still on!  He laughed so hard once we saw him in there!
We had our annual dinner out with Tanja, Nick, Meghan, and Clinton!  Love this Thanksgiving week tradition!  And the next time we might have to add a playdate for all of the babies and kiddos!! Yay!
We had the Auburn crew over to watch the Iron Bowl - here is the annual "kid pic" - such sweet kiddos!  And the group has grown! Love these kiddos!
Katie and I were matching :) Love these dresses!  And excuse the messy pantry - we probably should have closed the pantry doors!
The big girls!  Olivia, Katie, and Avery :)
Not sure why the pic looks cloudy - but here is a mama picture!
And Jenn came over for a while too! Hooray!  Her kiddos ran around upstairs and played for a while - so fun! 
We all love Jenn!  A picture of her and Brad! 
And we had a birthday dog in the house!  We picked out some fun new toys for Sadie - I promise Ryan was excited. Ha!
Some bedtime snuggles with my little man!  Love that special time with him (even though in the moment I often overlook it and rush it because I am EXHAUSTED by the end of the day)!
Katie's school has a Parents & Pastries event where we all go and have breakfast with her before she goes into her class!  They even had a photobooth set up this year!  Such a fun idea!  We loved our donuts and muffins and juice with her this year :)
That same day, I ran outside in a tank. With no jacket.  At the end of November.  Craziness!  I certainly wasn't complaining though!
This.  Be still my heart.  This is definitely one of my favorite pictures of the boys in a long time!  The picture was likely Jack putting Ryan in a headlock and trying to irritate him, but I happened to catch a sweet glimpse into their playful attitudes with each other.  They do play rough, but they also love each other!  Sweet brothers.

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