Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Eve Fun '16

We had a great time celebrating Christmas with all of our friends and family!  We usually get together with  Brad's side of the family on Christmas Eve, and this year was no different!  That afternoon, I brought all of the wrapped gifts downstairs and put them under the tree...I just love how it looks with everything under it.  Maybe one day we will be able to have some gifts under the tree.  I think in the next couple of years we should be good to go.  But for now?  The Christmas Eve unveiling still happens!
And the kiddos with the tree on Christmas Eve!
Brad and I got a picture together too!  That was the only time I got to wear that sweater - after I washed it, there was a big hole in the center!  Glad I got this picture though :) And excuse my squinty eyes - I was laughing!
We ate some delicious food and then it was time for some gifts!  The kids did a decent job eating because we told them they couldn't open any presents unless they ate :)  Katie loved using her new art supplies immediately!  And Jack loved playing with his Blaze and the Monster Machines toys!
The boys got their new legos out and put them to use immediately!
The favorite part?  Ryan's set had a potty for Mickey!  Both boys got the biggest kick out of that!!
Then it was pajama time!  They all had matching PJs thanks to our elf, Alvin!  It was fun having him around before Christmas!  I hope to have a post to show what all he got into this year!
Priorities!  The cookies, chocolate milk, carrots, and elf treats had to be assembled!
I'd say they did a great job!  Treats for Alvin before leaving with Santa, and then cookies and chocolate milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer!
Katie read them a book before everyone went to bed for the night!  I think this may be the last year of cramming them into that glider for a Christmas Eve story!
We had a great time celebrating and gearing up for the big day! More to come on that soon!

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