Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Traditions: Ornament Exchange + Trolley Lights Tour

One of my favorite things about the holidays is some of the traditions that come along!  This was our ninth year in a row to get together and catch up and laugh and eat and do an ornament swap!  We eat the same restaurant.  We sit at the same table.  But goodness how everyone's lives have changed over the years!  Marriages and babies and moves!  This was our group picture from our evening together in early December!
And here I was with the ornament I got as part of the swap!  We usually play Dirty Santa, but everyone is so nice!  Most years we play with steals :)  I love the ornament I brought home with me.
Another fun outing we have is the annual night out to look at Christmas lights!  It has evolved over the years, but now we head out on a trolley and see various displays.  It is so much fun! Everyone goes to my mom's house early to munch and visit and then we all hop on the trolley and head out.  Folks in the back sing Christmas carols (which my crew thoroughly enjoyed this year), so it is extra festive.  Love this picture of me and my bro - it really is his gig...he coordinates it and it is his gift for many of the folks he asks!  Gifting a "to do" is such a good idea!
And one of the favorite stops is this GIANT display that you can get out and walk through.  This year, Santa happened to be on site, so the kids got some extra time with him!  We also got a four generation picture with him :)
We also took ALL of the kids this year - I guess that's what happens with third kids...we certainly didn't take the other ones when they were two!  And this year the big kids did awesome...Ryan got a little impatient but we were able to keep him under control.  So that tells me it can only get easier, right? :)
And a family picture!  Love this.  I know the kids treasure this tradition as much as Uncle Will!
More Christmas posts to come - décor, other Christmas events, and Christmas celebrations with everyone!

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