Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Quick 48 in NOLA

Back in early November, Brad and I had a quick 48 hour trip to New Orleans!  We were headed to a wedding and had a little extra time to play tourist.  I had never been to NOLA before, so we had to hit up some of the hotspots!

We got up super early on the Saturday morning to fly out.  This is what tired but excited for a little time away looks like...
We arrived, took a taxi to the hotel, checked our luggage (because our room was obviously not ready at 10am), and headed out! We wanted to grab brunch, so we walked for a bit and made out way to Cochon Butcher!  And we got there just in time...as we were finishing up, it was packed!
Then we walked around some more and magically ended up at Café du Monde :) The weather was perfect and the line moved quickly!
Definitely glad I can mark that off my bucket list.  Yum!
And since a lot of NOLA is about food and drink, our next stop was Bourbon Street...and a table at Pat O'Brien's!  The hurricanes didn't disappoint and we were able to sit down and watch some football!
We headed back to the hotel and took a nap (since you can do that when you don't have kids around) and then got ready for the wedding!  It was at the House of Blues and was so much fun!  Here we are all cleaned up!
The next day we slept in a bit and got up for brunch.  We picked Red Slipper (thanks, Yelp!)...it was delicious (and I actually ate two meals, basically)!  And then it was time to be a tourist again.  I didn't plan ahead, unfortunately, and there weren't any tours available, so we did our own thing. 
We took a streetcar down to the Garden District and picked a random stop and walked around!  There were some gorgeous houses, and obviously the architecture is so beautiful!
We had made reservations for dinner that night, so we ended up walking back to our hotel (we had lots of steps that day!) to get cleaned up and ready for dinner.  We actually had time to kill, so we went to the Carousel Bar for a drink before dinner.  Dinner was delicious -- we opted to eat at Mr. B's Bistro!
After dinner we walked around and when in a few stores (don't you know Brad loved that!) and headed pack to get packed up. We got up super early Monday morning to fly home!
We got back in time for Brad to shower and get into work at a decent time, and I even took Jack to school!  Such a fun trip - and as always, it was nice to get away just the two of us!  I do wish we had had one extra day down there...Brad really wanted to go to the World War II Museum, but we just didn't have the time!  Next time we will plan ahead better :)

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