Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Girls Hit 30A

We had been talking about taking a girls trip for a long time - and we finally did it!  I hadn't gone on a girls trip in years, so it was definitely time!  Once we compared all of our schedules, the weekend before Thanksgiving worked best -- and we actually headed out of town on my birthday!  Tanja and I left that evening, while Sina and Autumn joined us the next night!
The sight of the sugar sand beaches and turquoise waters is just peaceful and amazing to me.  I can feel my body fully relax once I am there...I just love it.
We spent a few hours at the beach and essentially had it to ourselves!
Prosecco and relaxation -- it doesn't get much better than that!
Once we got too cold, we headed out and made a run to the grocery store for the things we wanted for while we were down there.  After that and relaxing and showering, we headed back to the airport to get the other girls!  The best part of that was getting all of the luggage in the teeny trunk...ha!  I spared everyone and decided not to post the picture I have of the effort involved there :)  We picked up a giant pizza on the way back to the condo and it was perfect!
And a group selfie on the first night for all 4 of us to be together!
And I had to document that you actually can get sun in November! And as I was uploading pictures, I had a selfie from each day.  Ha!  I am not usually a selfie-a-day kind of person, so I thought it would be funny to post them...
Saturday we all got up and relaxed (and Autumn and I actually ran!) before heading to the beach for a bit!  It was a gorgeous day!
I was able to catch the sunset that evening before we got ready for dinner!  Gorgeous.
And a new restaurant had opened and we decided to give it a try!  I think it opened literally 48 hours before we ate there.  And it was delicious!  I would definitely go back.
And a group shot at dinner!
And that evening's selfie - ha!  I think I did it to document the fact that my hair was fixed!  That happens maybe twice a year :)
And a post-run selfie the next morning.  Clearly it was chilly...which meant no beach time on the Sunday of the trip!
We literally lounged around all day and watched football.  It was so nice to have nothing to have to do and no one needing me!  Once we did finally get cleaned up, we headed to my favorite....The Great Southern!  Here I am with my 30A staple - their Coconut Mojito!
And another group picture after dinner!
The Sunday evening selfie is brought to you by Milka...some of the best chocolate!  Good thing they had a chocolate stash at the condo!
And I got up and ran on the Monday of our trip - and took a little detour out to see the ocean while I was running!
Autumn and I met back up after we each ran and got coffee.  Tanja and Sina came and got us and we got a picture in from of the big Christmas tree in Alys Beach before heading to brunch!
After brunch we got ready for some beach time!  It was the best beach day for sure - it warmed up more and the water was beautiful!
This picture is probably my favorite one from the trip!  Need to get it printed and toss it in a frame :) 
And after maxing out our beach time, we headed back to shower, pack, and finish getting the condo ready for us to leave.  Then off to the airport we went!
I am so thankful for that time away with friends!
Though it was amazing to be gone for a few days, it was awesome to see these three crazies!  I'd say we all missed each other :)