Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas with Tanja + Nick

We love getting together with Tanja and Nick for our annual Christmas celebration!  I didn't tell the kids until just before they came - they were so excited!  We ordered pizza so no one had to work hard in the kitchen :)  Here is everyone ready to dig in!
And our crazy crew!  Thank goodness for the self-timer and the mantle!  Odd lighting for sure, but still a sweet picture!
It is so fun to take a look at the pictures of Tanja and Nick with the kids through the years!
After dinner, it was time to rip into some presents!  That's exactly what the kids did - and they loved all their goodies!
Tanja and Nick!
And a selfie wearing my new hoodie from them!  The best part?  It has an inflatable hood (yes you read that right)...I can be ready for a nap at anytime!  HA!  I have worn it, but I took the inflatable piece out :)
Sadie was right in the middle of all the excitement - brave dog, for sure!
Tanja took this one - it is definitely a real life picture!  My whole crew doing their thing! Jack has actually been better about cooperating lately, while I think Ryan got the memo that he is two.  It isn't awful just yet, but whoa.
LOVE this picture!
And a picture with the Mister in front of the Christmas tree!  Not too shabby!
And we got Katie to stand on the chair to take a picture of the four of us - it turned out cute!
And two out of three isn't too shabby for a kid pic at the end of the evening!  Who knows what Ryan was trying to say - but his eyes are open and he is looking towards the camera!  I call that a win :)
The kids (and grown ups) had such a fun time hanging out!  Jack was OUT in no time...this is what I walked in his room to find when I went in to give him "ten kissies and ten huggies."
Can't wait for our next Christmas celebration -- there will be another sweet girl to join in the fun! Can't wait to love on their baby girl!

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