Saturday, December 17, 2016

October Recap

Now onto October in my effort to catch up for all of 2016 (or at least the fall - ha!)...
Ryan was so proud of himself when he figured out how to balance and swing himself standing up!  Look at that smile!  Although once he did figure it out, he wasn't too keen on sharing the swing with anyone...
We had a pretty mild fall which made for some fun times in the afternoons after the bus!  These two certainly weren't complaining about warm temps!
Races down the sidewalk on plasma cars -- they could do that all afternoon!
Love this action shot!  Stella was so sweet to let him ride with her.  We will work on wearing helmets while barreling down the hill - oops!
One day we met Cee Cee and Uncle Will at the park to go out on a walk and find acorns!  Of course it became a competition to see who could collect the most.  And Jack would only pick acorns that were complete with their "hat" on!
After finding acorns, we spent some time at the playground!  Once again, all smiles!  I can't wait to get back outside again once it warms up!
Another bus stop picture! Katie and Stella sporting some of their Matilda Jane before school!
The boys got haircuts (which they desperately need again)!  This is Jack's before and after - so handsome!
And Ryan's before and after!  He is NOT a fan of haircuts...I have to mentally prepare myself for his appointments!  Whew!
This is a pretty standard scene around our house - especially at night before going upstairs for the shower/bath/bedtime routine!  They get that last bit of energy and chase each other or pile on each other or play hut hut! Ha!
Jack had a Hoedown at school and I happened to be there for my Bible study, so I got to help!  It was so fun to see him interacting with his buddies and see all the cute kiddos in their element!  He was also so happy to see me come in and help!
Jack had been wanting to write words lately, so one day he started a list of different kinds of animals!  I obviously wrote zebra, but he wrote the rest: cheetah, dog, bee, cat, fish, elephant, and lion!
Katie had her performance at school also!  She chose to be a raccoon, and she was a cute one!  I love that picture of her before leaving for school!
Grandma got up bright and early and came for her performance!
And Nanny and Papa came too!  It was their first performance to come to, so Katie was excited!
Another afternoon of fun playing in the backyard!  If I recall correctly, they even asked me to take this picture!  Don't mind if I do :)
The Fall Bookfair happened during October and braved it and took the boys for Katie's class preview time!  Whew.  Not sure I will do that again - it was quite the adventure!
Lately, before Katie goes to sleep, we go in her room once we are finished tucking the boys in and we play a game or two of Uno and then Brad reads some Harry Potter.  Once I lay down and get comfy, hearing a story read outloud makes me fall asleep immediately.  While I did try to stay awake the first few nights, I finally gave in and it is now a joke that I get naptime while they read the book together!
And the carving of the pumpkin...we did it the weekend before Halloween!  Katie sketched out her design for the pumpkin, and Brad went to town!  The big kids helped clean out all the insides and Brad did some carving!  Ryan enjoyed showing us how the top fit on like a puzzle piece!
October is always a fun month, and this one did not disappoint!

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