Monday, December 5, 2016

So Loved

I saw this image somewhere and it is just so happy. And it made me think of my kids {obviously}. I hope that regardless of how crazy things get around here (if you follow me on Instagram, I use #my3ringcircus quite frequently because, well, it is oh so true), that most of all, my kids know how very loved they are. Not only by Brad and me, but by so many others - friends and family alike. I try hard to show them and tell them how much they are loved, and I hope they really listen!

Here are a couple recent pictures of #my3ringcircus...
{December 1st - when Alvin came back!  They were all so excited!}
{Last night eating dinner at Newks - a pretty consistent Sunday tradition!}

Be sure to check back for some more updates of the fun we have been having!

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