Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Katie the Cheerleader

For the fall season, Katie opted to try cheerleading.  We supported her decision and at least she can say she gave it a try!  She was not the biggest fan of it, but at least she looked adorable!  Here she was at the pep rally to get the season started!
And I am fairly certain this is us heading to the first game that she cheered for!  I think it poured down rain on us that day for a brief moment, but then it cleared out for her to get out there and cheer!
Action shot!  She is on the left :)
And we got a family shot at one of the games!  The boys didn't make to many of the games because there wasn't much for them to do.  They just wanted to run around, and that doesn't make it very enjoyable!  Glad we had a few moments of supporting her throughout the season!
Love this picture of Katie :)
It was also fun because Katie's friend from school and girl scouts cheered with her!  At least they had fun together :)
I doubt we will be doing that again, but glad Katie had the experience! 

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