Saturday, April 28, 2012

Baby Jack 4D Ultrasound: Part Two

Here are some of the ultrasound pictures as promised!  I didn't find it appropriate to show all 41 pictures, so here are a few that I like!  Even after looking at these again, I am still so amazed - this little boy is growing inside me...and I can't believe how much he favors Katie!  Oh, and he's still a boy...but I didn't want to post that picture :)

Here, he has his eyes open - you will see that his eyes look a little different (you can actually kind of see the retina!) here than in the rest of them...
 Such a sweet, angelic face...
 Stretching in there!  Katie's face makes this same expression when she stretches - even now!
 I love seeing his hand in this one - it is also as if he is saying, "Alright, quit taking pictures!!"...he will learn quickly that that is very unlikely :)
 And my favorite.  A smile!  A sweet, cute, adorable baby smile!  And he isn't even here yet!  Just amazing.
Baby Jack - you are so, so loved!  We can't wait to meet you!


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