Friday, April 27, 2012

Baby Jack 4D Ultrasound: Part One

Yesterday, we headed to a local office to do a 4D ultrasound of Baby Jack! We had both of our moms come - so fun!  We did this with Katie too and just loved it.  I have one of the pics framed in Katie's room and it is so neat to see that she still has that same look when she sleeps!

I am going to do two installments of this experience because I haven't gone through the pictures from the CD yet.  So those will come later.  There are some cute ones - I can't wait to go through them!

We were trying to get a picture of us with the big screen and Jack on there.  Well, with the flash, it didn't show, and without the flash, none of us showed up.  So just imagine these next two pictures combined into one :)  The moms on the left, and me and Brad on the right (obviously).  The moms were amazed at how clear the images and ultrasound were.  When we did this with Katie, I think I was about 27 weeks, and this time I am almost 32 weeks.

 And here is a picture of me and Brad.  We almost match!  And no, it was not planned.  Good gracious I am looking pregnant these days...and feeling way pregnant too!  My back hurts and my hips/glutes are really sore and tight too.
 And here is the last image that was captured.  I just love it.  Like I said, I can't wait to go back through the ones he captured.  I know there is at least one of Jack smiling! Amazing.  We also got a DVD - won't post that on here, but it is neat to have for sure.  Also, keep in mind that I took this picture of  the computer screen, so the actual ones on the CD will be better :)
One thing we couldn't get over was how much Jack favors Katie!  That was the first thing I thought when he started the ultrasound.  Here is one of the pictures from the 4D ultrasound with Katie.
This makes me so, so excited (as if I wasn't already).  Seven weeks from today is when Jack will be born - so exciting...and lots to do!  I think we will finally get the furniture delivered the end of next week so we can get the nursery going...can't wait to do that.  I think I have officially entered the nesting phase.  After Katie's party, I feel certain I will be ready to organize and wash all those cute baby boy things!



  1. YAY!!! I swear, he looks like Katie! =)

  2. WOW- His ultrasound images came out perfect! I'm 25 weeks and have my 4D at 32 weeks. I can't wait!!!