Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday

Whew! We definitely got our mileage out of Easter this year.  And I think this post wraps up our celebrations - with the most important day, of course!  I still get chills when I think about Katie saying "Jesus is alive!!"  So neat.

We had a great, busy day!  Brad's mom spent the night so she could go to early service (8:00) with us - it was a great worship service!  After we got home and took some pics, we searched the house to see if the Bunny made a visit - and sure enough, he did!  Katie loved her Easter basket this year!  We didn't make a huge deal of the Bunny making a visit, so I think she may have been slightly confused.  She thought the Bunny was going to come and eat with us I think!  Around lunchtime, my mom and brother and grandmother came over to celebrate.  We had a delicious spread of brunch type foods - so good!  And I was one tired momma after that!  After we finished eating, Katie did another egg hunt.  She is quite the professional now! And then we went inside to eat some cake - delicious!  I thoroughly enjoyed propping my feet up for a bit.  After some relaxing, we went over to visit my dad and Robbin.  Katie had a blast visiting with them - and Brad and I enjoyed some more relaxation!  Here are some pictures of the fun!

Look at that sweet girl - she flashed that cutie patootie grin the minute she sat down and started rocking!  I wonder if she's figured out that the sooner she cooperates for pictures, the sooner it  is over! :)
 And a closer up view of that sweet face!
 Grandma with Katie - such a great picture!
 And a family picture!  Love it!
 And of course one with the big ole belly - whew!  I'm looking that bellylicious at 29 weeks - should be interesting to see how big the belly gets! 
And Saturday night, we left carrots out for the bunny..and a glass of water!  I forgot to take a picture, but he ate just about all of the carrots - there were just some crumbs!
 And we found Katie's Easter basket full of goodies!
Here she is opening and loving the goodies - the big hits were the age-appropriate scissors with the sunglasses!  
Then she wanted to play outside and blow bubbles - it was such a pretty day!
And here was all the yummy food we had!  Fresh fruit, drinks, asparagus flats, sausage and creme cheese and crescent roll casserole, breakfast potatoes, and french toast casserole.  YUM!!
 And then the egg hunt!  She had a blast finding all the eggs!
 And then some cake - vanilla and coconut!  Glad we have some leftovers of this :)

I hope you had a fantastic Easter!  I know we sure did!


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  1. You all really had some great Easter Celebrations! Glad it was such a special holiday.

    I adore the family photo :)