Thursday, April 26, 2012

Successful Little Sunday

This past Sunday we relaxed since I was recovering from the big annual conference I plan.  We headed outside for Katie to play with the bubble-blowing lawnmower that she got for Christmas...and she LOVED it!  After we were out for a bit, our neighbors came outside, so Katie and Stella had races with their lawnmowers and got to ride in the double stroller!  Here is Katie loving her lawnmower...
If only we could let them really cut the grass now...
Brad and Sadie hung out on the steps for a bit - we were trying to make sure Sadie didn't race from person to person since a bunch of our neighbors were outside at this point!
Sweet Stella loving the bubbles!
Jill (Stella's momma) was pushing the girls up and down our street hoping to encourage labor to happen/continue...more on that momentarily!
And then Daddy and Katie had a race!
The girls were sitting very unladylike, so Jill's mom got them both to cross their legs while they rode in the stroller.  I just love this!
So, back to Jill.  She would push the girls, stop to breathe through a contraction, and just continue.  Let's just say that this is her last pregnant picture!  Glad I had my camera with me :)  We all went inside at about 12:45 to eat lunch, etc.  After that we headed to a furniture store to get a sofa for the end of our bed and also ended up getting a new mattress (YAY!!!).  When we got in the car, I looked at my phone and saw that I had a text saying that Baby Hank had been born!!!
So cute.  Yes - so let's 12:45, we all went inside.  At 1:30, they headed to the hospital (she was at a 9 when they got there!!!).  And at 3:07, Baby Hank was born!  He is just precious and Stella is a great big sister.  We are so excited for them and can't wait for Hank and Jack to be best buddies!
I'd say that was quite the successful Sunday, don't you think?? I went later that night to meet Hank and visit for a little bit with Jill and Lewis.  So glad they made it to the hospital in time and that everybody is doing well!  They are at home now and Katie got to meet him - she did pretty well.  I'm hoping the slow exposure to Hank will help with the transition to having Jack at home.  Only time will tell, I guess :)


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