Saturday, April 7, 2012

Egg Hunting: Farm Style

Yesterday, we headed out to the country to a farm for some Easter festivities!  They had a big egg hunt set up, a petting zoo, a great big playground, and all kinds of fun things!  I thought it would be something fun for us to do as a family - and it was great!  I apologize in advance for the number of pictures...and this is cutting it down by a lot in comparison to the number I actually took!

Here Katie is before we left...
 And she wanted a picture with Sadie...
 One more with the flower she picked from the planter behind her...
 Once we got there, it was hunt time!
 And it was a success!! The eggs were empty and we turned them in for a bag of goodies!
 Posing with the bunny and egg!
 After the hunt, we walked through and fed the animals.  Katie loved it!
 And feeding another...
 And then we headed to the huge playground for some fun!  Here are some of the pics of Katie playing...
And then they had tractors set up to play on - Katie loved them!  And they had a water table type thing where you pumped water to make the ducks swim down - she enjoyed that too (not as much as the tractors though!)
 And proof that I was there! Me with my girl!
 As we were headed out, we saw the Easter Bunny!  Katie loved him!  She said that was her favorite part - wow!  Hugs for the bunny!
 And then sitting in his lap!  Looks like the bunny might have fallen or something - oh well...still so cute!
 Oh, and one more egg hunt before heading to the car!
 She's definitely got it mastered now!
 Cutie pie.
 Checking to see how tall she is!  Between 3 and 3.5 feet tall!
Hope you all have a fantastic Easter weekend!  We are about to head to our neighbors' house for some egg dying, egg hunting, and Easter lunch!


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  1. Beautiful photos! Never apologize for too many pics. I love looking at pictures :)

    Sounds like you all have all kinds of fun Easter festivities going on. Hope you enjoy your holiday :)