Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beach Trip: Day #5 (Last One!)

The final beach trip post has finally arrived!  We woke up early and got things loaded, got ready, and ate breakfast.  It was a dreary morning - but of course I made the mistake of looking at the weather on my phone while we were driving and it cleared off just after we left.  Boo!
Notice she has Dottie with her - she loves that dog...and she is pretty cute! And good grief - she's so sassy looking here...hand on the hip and all!
I brought a few more things to put in her special bag on the way home - including more stickers, thank goodness!  They were everywhere after the trip home - all over the car, Katie, her stuffed animals...literally anything she could reach!
And she did take a little snooze on the way home - she kept nodding off and slumping over, which was kind of funny.  That's the only bad thing about this big girl seat - she can't get really comfy for a good nap (which is usually a good thing)!
There is a city right off the interstate that is known for their peaches - in fact, they have this water tower!  I used to pass it everytime I went to and from college, and Katie thought it was the neatest thing on the drive down!  She kept asking where the peach went!  Well, that (along with going to see Sadie) was how we convinced her that going home would be alright.  And she was asleep when we passed I took a picture to show her :)  Glad that worked!
We also made a pit stop at a Cracker Barrel to stretch and go to the bathroom!  Katie loves the rocking chairs and big was pretty much torture to rip her away from these!
And we made it to our state line!  Can't believe I actually got the picture of the sign!
And on the way home, we picked up Sadie from the place she sometimes stays when friends can't watch her.  I started singing "Reunited and it feels so good"... when I saw this picture - they were SO thrilled to see eachother!  Can't you tell by their expressions??
I am SO glad we were able to get away!  That was definitely a memorable trip as it will have been our last one as a family of three.  Wow.  I'll continue processing that one :) The weather welcoming us home was not so nice - cold and really rainy...yuck!  But it was nice to get home back to my bed and bunch of pillows :)


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  1. Aww! I know what you mean with your own bed and pillows. Vacationing while pregnant makes sleep rough. I had to sleep sitting up when we took our trip. Getting home felt soooo good for that reason.