Monday, April 9, 2012

Saturday Easter Festivities

On Saturday, we had a super fun time playing with our neighbors and having a fun Easter celebration!  We went over there and ate lunch and then dyed eggs and had a Easter egg hunt!  And then the girls just ran around the back yard.  So much fun!  And it is amazing how well they play together during the day when they are rested as opposed to at night after a long day - it is like day and night!  I took lots of pics and tried to narrow it down, so here we go with all the pictures!

Here is the Easter pasta that my mom gave us for Easter - it was yummy!
And Jill and Stella had made cupcakes - so cute and so delicious!
 After we ate, the girls were eager to color some eggs!  All in all, they did a great job!  It could have been interesting with 2 two year olds, but it was a success!
 Cute girls saying cheese and BOTH looking at the camera!
 Sweet Stella!
 Cute Katie!
 The final product - love how bright the colors are!
 And then the girls were ready to hunt some eggs!  So sweet!
 Busy looking for all the eggs!
 "Look what I found, Mom!!"
Looking for more...
 Going through all the eggs.  They kept looking over to see what the other one found in their egg - so cute!
 They definitely ate a LOT of sugar - Katie loved digging into the Skittles!
 The daddies helping their girls go through their eggs.
 Me with my girl - hard to get a smiling picture since she was chewing the entire time!
And then they ran around and chased eachother.  
They had a blast!  So glad we have such great neighbors to spend time with - and Katie loves that she has such a great friend just next door!


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  1. What a wonderful day! The girls are too cute. Glad you all had a Happy Easter. Loved all the pics, thanks for sharing :)