Friday, April 13, 2012

Beach Trip: Day #1

I figured the best way to document our recent beach trip would be to do posts day by day (so as to not overwhelm with pictures!), so here we go.  I think I may have mentioned previously that we waited to tell Katie about going to the beach until we were in the car on our way.  And we were successful!  We loaded up the car and were headed to get in - and then...drama.  Katie fell in the garage and boogered up her knee pretty bad.  She was hysterical for about 20 minutes.  We gave LOTS of hugs, put neosporin on it, and a big bandaid covered with two Mickey bandaids, and tried to load up again.  As long as she had a blanket on her lap so she couldn't see the boo boo, she was good to go.  So we headed to Krispy Kreme to get donuts for breakfast and get enough to take to the beach with us.  Here she is eating her donut!  We still had not told her at this point because we realized we left the bedrails for her bed at home.  We then went to Hardee's so Brad could get breakfast (it is his favorite ever), and Katie decided she wanted an egg cheese biscuit instead.  If that meant a happy camper, we were all for it - especially since she had an ouchy boo boo!
 Then we headed home to load up the bedrails so that she wouldn't fall out of the bed at the beach!  She had already noticed a bag of toys (the beach bag) and was playing with the ball.
 And she wanted me to take a picture of her boo boo - see?  It got her on the lower part of her shin, roughed up the skin on her shin, and then she skinned her knee pretty bad - in fact, it is still scabbed over!
 And then we finally told her we were beach bound!  She had been asking to go to the beach for a while, so she was SUPER excited!
 After going potty one more time (she wore a pull up in the car in the event she fell asleep and peed), she was ready for her biscuit!
And she was such a goofball in the car - she was most definitely excited!  She played with all the beach toys, wore all her sunglasses, and lucky for us - took a quick nap.  I love the picture with the bucket on her head!
 After lunch, we put the iPad in the seatback holder so she could watch Finding Nemo.  I also gave her a bag of car travel goodies - books, cards, stickers, snacks, sunglasses, and other fun things to do!  She loved it!
 And then finally we made it!  The first thing Katie did was find a place where she could see the ocean and the beach - that's my girl!
 The view from our balcony!  We were on the 11th floor, so it was nice!
 After getting all the bags in the right rooms, we decided to go stick our toes in the sand and ocean before heading somewhere for dinner!
 This was the condo building at dusk!  Our condo was on the row just to the right of the center part - see how the middle part looks kind of curvy?  We were just to the right of that.  And I think we were 3 units above that one with the light on.
 Katie loved the beach!  She wiggled her toes in it and then sat down and started digging and scooping with her hand.  So fun!
 And a lovely self-portrait!  Not too bad considering we had been in the car for most of the day (7-8 hours give or take)!
 Then we headed to dinner.  We decided, especially since it was late, Italian food sounded good - especially since we knew Katie would love some pasta.  When we got there, both Brad and I said, "Wait...we've been here!"  He and I ate dinner at this same restaurant when we went on our first trip together.  That was kinda neat - to now be married, have an almost-3-year-old, and me being pregnant.  Amazing what 6.5 years difference can make :)
Stay tuned for the Day #2 post!  Happy Friday!


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  1. Sounds like the day started off a little rough with the boo boo and all but got much better. You guys had an amazing view. I long to be at the beach!!! Can't wait for day two.

    Have a good weekend friend :)