Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Beach Trip: Day #4

I hate rainy days at the beach.  And our last day there was just that, unfortunately.  We did make it out to the beach around 3 that afternoon, but I was hoping for one last good day of fun in the sun!  We did enjoy it though...Katie watched Tangled for the first time and loved it!  And then I took a nap while she and Brad watched The Lion King - so it was definitely a lazy day!  This is what we woke up to....
...and then it rained and rained and rained!  We only stayed out on the beach for an hour or hour and a half that afternoon - just enough time to let Katie get her last beach fix for a while (and us too for that matter)!  I love this picture! 
And of course, digging and scooping and dumping! 
 Then she decided she wanted to throw the ball with Brad - she cups her hands just in front of her and then just waits for the ball to land in her hands - goofball, for sure!
I love this picture - clearly having a blast!
 And then she raced back and forth between me and Brad - this was when she was super close to me (clearly)!
And Brad did some Katie tossing...she looks like Super Woman here! 
 And yes, this was be in the bathing suit at 28 weeks, 4 days.  Whew.  Glad it wasn't a full-body picture!
 Me with my sweet wild woman!
 And another self-portrait that actually turned out decent!
Just look at her cutting those eyes - oh dear.
 One of my favorites...I just LOVE that grin!
 Katie picking up her toys and putting them back in her bucket.
 Then it was time to head inside and get cleaned up for dinner.  While Brad was finishing getting ready, we headed outside for a quick photo shoot.  She didn't want to go in the sand, so we did some in a little courtyard area.
 I think this may be my favorite series of pictures ever.  We were taking a few last pictures when she spotted Brad and was clearly excited - aren't those faces priceless?!
After eating, we got a family picture....LOVE this one for sure!
 And my restaurant sign picture :) A friend recommended we go there - and it certainly did not disappoint!  The food was delicious!
 And I went to the gift shop to get a tshirt and saw a little stuffed animal dog that was really colorful (and has polka dot ears).  I got the cute pup for Katie and she named her "Dottie" - so cute!  So now Dottie is part of the bed buddies (along with Elmo, Eeyore, Ruff Ruff, and Hop Hop)!
What a fun trip! Stay tuned for the final installment of the fun we had!



  1. Rainy beach days aren't a lot of fun. At least you all were able to still work in a little beach time before leaving though. It wasnt a total fail of a day.

    I LOVE the pic of Katie being super woman. What a cool action shot. Your family photo is adorable too :)

  2. Chloe Jo tries to catch balls the same way! What goofs!