Saturday, April 14, 2012

Beach Trip: Day #2

Looking through these pictures makes me really want to go back to the beach - same beach, same condo - same everything.  It was so nice - and I loved how excited Katie was everyday!  That first morning in the condo, Katie came running into our room at 7:00 am on the dot ready to change and get ready for the beach!  I was certainly tired, but loved her enthusiasm!  After a little cartoon-watching, we ate some donuts out on the balcony - perfect way to start the day!
This silly girl was SO excited!
I loved watching this - it may look like an odd picture.  I wanted to capture Katie's imagination!  She was going around to each chair "taking orders" and writing them down.  I've never seen her do that before - her imaginative play is definitely becoming more involved...and I love it!
This was definitely necessary for all of our skin! All 4 were used - Katie used 50, Brad used 30, I used 15 on my face and 12 on my body.  For some reason, I love this picture - we were ready for the beach with the sunscreen and bucket and shovel!
And off we went - so sweet.
And here is our little wild woman - she really got into the beach this trip - digging in the sand, filling up the toys to make a sandcastle, destroying Brad's sandcastles, throwing a ball, and playing in the ocean's surf!
This was her doing a little dance on Brad's sandcastle - see that look of joy on her face? The noises of joy were definitely happening too - couldn't help but laugh with her!
She kept saying, "Katie's having fun at the beach!!" (yes, in third person - she's getting better with the pronouns) 
I think this was before stomping around in the ocean for the first time.  She was definitely thinking about whether it was a good idea or not.  I wonder what they were talking about here...?
And she loved it!  Every time a new wave would splash her, she giggled and had a blast!
Love this sweet girl.  This trip was just what we needed (or at least what I needed)!
And then Katie wanted to go out into the ocean! ... only if Brad would hold her though :)
And I wanted a picture with her too - I did take a sideways shot too, but no one needs to see that bad boy. As you can see, my maternity bathing suit made sure everything stayed in its place :)
And while we took a lunch break, I took this picture of our spot on the beach.  Ahh....perfection.
We ended up just staying in that night and relaxing with was nice to just hang out and not deal with crowds!  Definitely a successful day 2 of our trip!



  1. Oh how fun! Don't we wish we could all just get away and enjoy family time at the beach! Some of my best memories are from family trips to the beach (the cold meatloaf sandwiches my mom used to make us eat on the way there are a memory I would like to forget though).

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  2. I long for the beach when I read your posts! I need some relaxation & nothing says relaxing like the ocean. Katie looks like she was having a blast. Her bathing suit is too cute :)