Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our Family To Do List

There are obviously some things around the house that we are wanting to accomplish before Jack makes his debut.  I wanted to make a list so that I can feel good about checking things off! ...
  • Get new bedding for our room
  • Get new window treatments for our room
  • Find a couch for the end of our bed
  • Hang art in the bonus room (over the couch - will be the spot for UT/Auburn things)
  • Get the nursery ready (obviously) and organized - do name letters, buy frames, hang art, get bedding in
  • Wash all the baby clothes and organize the closet/dresser
  • Plant some flowers (around the mailbox and in some planters)
  • Trim back bushes/pull weeds
  • Go through guest room closet and clean out/make Goodwill donation
Other items we need to do include:
  • Schedule hospital class/tour to familiarize Katie with it all - DONE!!
  • Set up sewing machine and try to make burpcloths
I am pretty sure there are other things, but this is it!  Oh and Katie's birthday party is in a we need to get all of that organized :)  I've got my work cut out for me - that's for sure!  Happy Weekend!


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