Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!  Hope you have had a great week so far.  Here's what I am loving today!
I'm LOVING that my flowers came back and are blooming this spring!  I was doubtful that they would actually come back like they were supposed to, but then it just shot out of the ground and has 4 beautiful blooms now!  Now if I can get motivated to pull weeds and plant some other colorful flowers (at least in planters), things will look decent out front!
I'm LOVING our Easter goodies from my mom!  She wanted us to be able to enjoy them for a bit, so she gave them to us a little early.  A cute decorative bunny with eggs, a book for Katie, and Easter pasta to enjoy!  I think we are going to color eggs and have an egg hunt with our neighbors later this week, so that sounds like the perfect time to use the pasta!
I'm LOVING Katie's new pair of shoes - her very own fuschia TOMS!  You may recall that I bought my first pair and love them.  I was doubting whether to get her some or not, and once I realized she picked these out and would not take them off, I went for it.  Fuschia matches lots of her summer clothes and she can wear them to MDO since the toes and heels are covered.  Done!
 ...the up close!
And now for a few Pinterest finds that I'm LOVING today! .....

Isn't that the sweetest quote?  I may have to have it printed and put it in Katie's room somewhere...
 Glow sticks in eggs for an egg hunt in the dark!  FUN!
 HA!  So true....
What are YOU loving today? Hopefully lots of things!  Link up HERE!



  1. I'm also loving the blooming flowers:) It means warm weather on the way!!! Have a great day:)

  2. I need to get some flowers planted soon. Our poor yard is so bare :(
    Love those new Toms, too precious!

    That last pin- too funny!!!
    I'm pregnant and I'm so gonna be sharing that :)

  3. Your flowers are gorgeous! And I love that they make tiny Toms! Too cute!